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The Dub Dee Dub Revue podcast features the discussion of all things Disney, but our primary focus is on Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) & Disney Cruise Line. 
"The Dubs" has been on the air since 2015 with over 400+ episodes of family friendly, off-the-wall Disney talk!
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May 8, 2023

"The Dubs"#403 - We are joined by former Disney Cast Member, Samantha who is the creator and owner of Sammi Cakes & Cookies!  Sammi created her business after being furloughed during 2020 and it has become an amazing success featuring resort delivery of her cookies, cakes, biscuits, beignets, waffles, charcuterie boxes, and so much more!   Checkout Show #403 to hear about her favorite memories and challenges as she faced reinventing herself in the middle of the Pandemic! 

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