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The Dub Dee Dub Revue podcast features the discussion of all things Disney, but our primary focus is on Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) & Disney Cruise Line. 
"The Dubs" has been on the air since 2015 with over 400+ episodes of family friendly, off-the-wall Disney talk!
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Jan 29, 2024

"The Dubs"#440 - Stacey and Chris share some Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Trivia in a 2 Truths and a Lie format!  We have a bunch of really cool information...but is it all factual?  Checkout Show #440 to find out!

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Jan 22, 2024

"The Dubs"#439 - We apologize in advance as you are about to listen to Chris talk, like a train going down the tracks, about some tips and observations from a January 2024 visit to Walt Disney World!  Just kidding! In actuality, we boil down 20 or so tips and observations to 45 minutes with TONS of new experiences...

Jan 15, 2024

"The Dubs"#438 - Stacey and Scott join us to talk about their experiences with the 10k and Half-Marathon but also their chances to get away for a "couples only" weekend.  Stacey has lots of great tips and some experiences (both good AND bad) that she shares but also some constructive ways for Disney to improve their...

Jan 9, 2024

"The Dubs"#437 - 8 YEARS! That's how long it has been since the Yost family has visited Walt Disney World! So much has changed since Lisa's last trip to Florida!  Checkout #437 to hear all about how she prepared for the trip, what the family thought of the technology implementation, Genie +, Lightening Lanes, and would...

Jan 1, 2024

"The Dubs"#436 - Jen, Cassandra, and Chris discuss the BIG news from the Disney Company in 2023!  We picked a few stories each to summarize the Year in Revue (see what I did there?!?) which includes the Polynesian Tower, Figment Meet and Greet, Moana, Tiana, and Animal Kingdom plans! 

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